The technical capability of Q-Cal

QCal is accredited to ISO 17025 in a wide range of parameters. These include :




Orifice Plates

Differential Pressure

Download our full scope of accreditation on the Äccreditations” page.

All test standards are UKAS Certified annually either at OEM or an appropriate UKAS Accredited Laboratory. Q-Cal will manage your calibration needs and as such any equipment beyond our capability will be subcontracted though our UK Principals.

The technical capability of Q-Cal is as follows:

Electrical: Voltage, current, frequency, resistance and power
Measure up to 40kVolts AC/DC & 1000 Amps
Generate up to 1100 Volts AC/DC & 1000 Amps
Pressure: Air and hydraulic up to 1,400 Bar
Temperature: -40 to 600 Deg Centigrade
Torque: Up to 1500 Nm
Mass: Up to 300 Kg’s

Additional Test Equipment:

1. Druck DPI145 Digital Pressure Calibrator (-1 to 20 bar )
2. SI PTS 2000 Digital Pressure Indicator ( up to 700 bar)
3. Hewlett Packard 3458A Digital Multimeter
4. Fluke 5520ACalibrator
5. Fluke 5500A Calibrator
6. Isotech TT1.7 precision thermometer (-50 to 650°C)
7. Isotech Semi Standard PRT Probes
8. Norbar Protest 40/1500 ER (0 to 40 Nm/0 to 1500 Nm)
9. Laboratory standard resistors

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